Health is Wealth

We create awareness about topical health issues with emphasis on cardiovascular health, facilitate research and provide support for those affected. We offer free health screening to all and sundry, promoting early detection and thus increasing chances of survival

Education Funding and Support

Facilitating and provide sponsorship support for gifted students lacking the financial means to achieve further education.

Good Causes

Our Two Main Goals

Educational Support

To assist disadvantaged young people in obtaining higher education, vocational training, and life skills necessary for self-sufficiency and participation in community development.

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Health Awareness

To create a forum for raising awareness about current health challenges, with a focus on cardiovascular health, facilitating research, and providing support to individuals who are affected.

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Our vision is to see a society in which people are empowered to obtain the necessities of life (Health, Education and Housing).


To provide people with the tools they need to thrive through information, research, training, sponsorship and connections to additional resources and support.

Love and Compassion

Fairness and Equity

Openness and Accountability

Tolerance and respect

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